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What we share on this website and what do you get on this website .Our Privacy Policy page will help you understand our website. If you use our website you will need to follow our website's privacy policy and be aware that you do not violate the privacy policy of our website. If you do not follow the privacy policy then we have the full right to block them from the website. Therefore, we request you to follow the privacy of our website.

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                             What can we do for you

1        We can review the information we share for you

2        To improve our website, you can send us direct suggestions to contact us for one.

3        If you have any questions about our website or our website then you can talk about it on our website

             How we share information on our website

1     We share about Good Night Messages, Happy Birthday, Good Morning Messages, Valentines Day ,Blogging ,Internet etc Information share in our website. If you have any questions or no posts written in our website and need to write it, you can tell us by going to the comment box and we will help you. 

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          How can you do with our websites ( Topranknews)

1          You can not make unsolicited comments and unnecessary comments on our website.

2          You do not mistrust any visitors to our site

3          If you have any problem with us or our website then you can ask us directly to that page on the contact us
4.         If you find a post that you did not write it: you can tell us by commenting that we will help you

          What can we do when breaking a privacy policy


1         Our website is a service provided by Google and you can comment on this by applying to a Gmail account.

2        If you break the rules of our website, then we can also report you to Google. We may block your Gmail ID after this.

3        On our block, you can never visit our website in the future

4        Therefore, do not violate the website of the website and enjoy the post by the website.

 Terms and Condition  :

We hope that you will follow the privacy policy of our website while using our website.