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What Is Website Builder

What Is Website Builder - Full Details?

Today's World (era ) is the fast connected to the Internet. The people who are not connected to the internet, they must join to the internet today or yesterday. Some Questions asked me by comment box about creating websites how to create a new website, create a free website, how to create a website. I have to make a website. 

Five steps are main in building a website :

  • 1. Domain Name Registration
  • 2. Taking place ( Website Hosting )
  • 3. Make Template/Theme ( Help with a Website Designer for this Or read this post )
  • 4. Website Promotion
  • 5. Maintenence Website
You must be aware that even your home can be built on the Internet! And if you want to build a home on your own Internet and share it with you about yourself, your business, your interests or your writing, then let's know how to make your website free on the Internet.

What Is Website Builder? Website Builder Tips ➱

If you have knowledge of coding, then you can easily create your own website but if you do not get coding then you will need an online website builder! With a custom domain over the Internet, you have the functionality of "free site builder" available.

By visiting these site builder, you can add many functions and sections to your website by "Drag and Drop". Mainly, home page, contact page, about us page etc. can be easily added.

The website made from these site builder is responsive, which means that it pauses your photos, text etc. according to the size of the screen of the user's computer, mobile, tablet etc., so that any type of screen size will allow you to Website looks good.

If you want to create your own website then you can use the popular website builder below :

This kind of website is distributed free of charge; you just need to increase your website rank by working hard. This type of website is custom and free but the extension that remains is a little change.

For ex... 

But if you want to create a website through your own domain (like, then you will have to spend some money for it, you can add the domain through these web builder sites or purchase them separately.

Through the methods mentioned above, you can create your free me website! But if you have to spend money on your own domain name and create your own professional site, then you have to buy your own Domain And Hosting.

Through the following website you can buy your own .com, .in, etc. domain:

If you do not know how to get custom domain names from the Godaddy to our website, then you can read our post. How do we take custom domain names in this post? Full Information Step by Step With Image...

But today people like to take domain names from Godaddy and Bichrok. And if you talk about buying a domain name from Godaddy and Bigrock, most of the blogger would like to get their custom domain name from the Godaddy.

After you buy a domain, you will have to purchase hosting, hosting your website, the following hosting services will be the most reliable and cost-effective

You can take hosting from any of these 2 popular websites. Both of these websites are very popular. Most of us like to take hosting from Blogger Hostgator.

Some Website Builder Important Question :

When the blogger was started it was named Blogspot, but later it was changed to Blogger. The job of the website builder is related to blogger and it is an important part of it. But in my post this probably does not have some imported question related to a blogger, then I am going to discuss some important question on here. 

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Related Question - What Is Website Builder?

Question 1 - Why is Blogger used to create a website?

Ans. If you are new to blogging then you should choose blogger because it is a free website builder and it is very easy to understand. And most of the blogger platforms are used to write articles and if you want to write an article then you will be the best blogger platform for you.

Question 2 - What Is Blogger?

Ans. Blogger Is a Free Website Builder.

Question 3 - What Is Website?

Ans. Whatever you search on Google and the results that come in front of you and when you click on any link, the content that you get to read. It is seen by Google that when you read that content, it is uploaded to the content website.

Question 4 - How many types of website?

Ans. Two types of website.

first - Article written website ( This is great for blogger )

Second - Downloading website.

Question 5 - How many platforms are Google and which is the best?

Ans. Two Types of Google platforms.
  • 1. Blogger 
  • 2. Wordpress
Both are the best

Conclusion: Today post about Website Builder. In this post know how to make a website ( Create a free website and Registered a purchase domain name some popular website for ex... Godaddy and Bigrock ) Blogger is the best platforms for Newbie blogger becoz new blogger easily handles blogger platforms and few times understand functionality.

So friends, In this post you see What Is Website Builder. If anyone related question this post you can tell me by Comment box and if you urgent help me you can use Live chat me. If you like this post then send your newbie friend and much more share social media.