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Google Search Engine History - Google Make Money

People who use the Internet will know Google and the information related to it. But those who are not aware of the Internet, you may also be able to see or say about Google. Google has not only been involved in internet but also with your life. If you run any Android Smartphone, so far you will have asked Google about many things like words, animals, celebrities, new places etc. or you have searched for it. Have you ever asked Google what is Google? Let's get to know Google a little bit in this small post.

Google History

Halle Google was named by its makers to the back rub. Google started as a search engine. It does this - Sergei Brin and Larry Page who made it together with their studies. Some famous things have been invented in the United States and this is also American. Google has been taken from googol, which is a very large unit Work on this started from 1996 and is now in front of us today as the best and most beautiful search engine. In the early days, it was used to find files on the Internet and now it is with us as our best ally.

It was presented in 1997 in front of the logo at Google.com. As soon as Google came, Google made an online game in the Internet world. Google was founded in 1997 as a company Google's initial public service (IPO) has started five years later since 19 August 2004. When the company presented 1,96,05,052 shares to the public, it was valued at $ 85 per share. A unique online auction format was used to sell shares.

The performance of the remaining shares after heavy sale and income from the online advertisement and IPO was also good in the market, and then on 31 October 2007, the shares of the company were valued at $ 700. And its main reason was that people were personally investing in it.

In August 2015, Google announced a new company named Alphabet. The work of this is to take care of all companies related to Google and their methodology, like an umbrella. It is a matter of pride for us that the new CEO's name is Sundar Pichai, which is of Indian origin.

How Does GOOGLE Make Money?

Knowing Google's successful history, would not you like to know how Google earn money? Google does its main earnings with advertising. 90 % of Google's income comes from its advertising programs. In the fiscal year 2006, the company reported total advertising $ 10.492 billion and earning only 112 million dollars from licensing and other sources.

In the online advertising market, Google has introduced many of its new products online, due to which Google is among the top brass on the market. By using Double-click Company's technology, Google targets users 'interests and advertisements that are relevant to their own and users' context. Google is a huge brand in today's time. You will also see an increase in its popularity every year with a steady progress.

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Play Store :

Many of Google's products are arguably free, but the advertising you see on Google's product is the biggest source of income for them. Many applications, books, movies, etc. which you have to buy at the Google Play Store are also an important part of Google's earnings.

Google also helps thousands of employees along with millions of people online to run their livelihood. Hundreds of you-tubers and millions of people are getting publicity through it. If Google is giving your website the highest position in its results, then there will definitely be no shortage of traffic to your website. It's a good luck to work with Google.


➲ Android - 

Android is the most commonly used operating system today. This is one of the best products from Google. Its biggest feature is its User Interface. This is the pedestal in running and it attracts children from the elderly to the elderly. Due to its popularity, Apple's I Phone User is constantly decreasing.

Smartphone, also expensive and cheaper than expensive, today supports Android. Its Play-store application gives you access to many applications. Many of these applications are totally free. Android is present on all Smartphones, tablets, and laptops today. That's why you get to see Android's dominance in the digital market. The best feature Android that offers you is Regular Update.

➲ Blogger - 

This is a blog hosting service provided by the Google Blogger program, through which we can create our own blog immediately. With this help, you can use the Domain Name and Hosting free of charge until that time. Through Google's Adsense program, we can also get the good income from our blog. We do not find such a feature on any other blogging platform. We can use a blog for any purpose, whether it is for our views to reach others or for our personal use. Blogspot was launched by Pyra Labs in 1999 as a hosting tool. It was purchased by Google in 2004 and since then it has become the most famous duty-free hosting website on the Internet.

➲ Chromebook - 

You can understand this as a Laptop too. Instead of Windows, the Chromebook runs on Linux-based Chrome OS. Most devices work on this device, that is, with the connectivity of Internet only. The specialty of this device is that you get cheap, light and better battery life from the Laptop, which is why it is suitable for the use of children and students. From 2011 they are being sold online by different names and companies. The belief in leaving the heavy Laptop has increased in these Chromebooks. From the hometown to the working women, it can be used comfortably. This year's conference organized by Google has been told that soon they will be able to support Android Applications too.

Chrome OS - This is an operating system that runs on Chromebooks. It has also been made by Google.

➲ Gmail - 

You can also call Gmail as Google mail. It is the easiest to use. This is an email service that is provided free of charge by Google. You can use Gmail's Id for any Google product. It is very easy to connect and with this, you get free storage. In today's era, it has become very important to have Email Id. If you go to any of you, you will be asked to get your Email Id to contact you. You will also need an Email Id to open an online account Like ( Facebook account create and any other account )

➲ Google+ -

Like Facebook, Twitter etc. This is also a Social Media Website that Google has created by itself. After the Orkut service has stopped, you will now be able to use Google+.

➲ Google Adsense - 

As I told you above if your Blog Advertising supports, you will easily earn money through Adsense. Many websites use Adsense to monetize their content. This is the most popular network of advertisements. For those small blogs and websites, Adsense is the most extravagant way to earn money from Advertisement. We have explained in detail the detail of Google Adsense, which you can read through the following link.

➲ Google Chrome - 

Google Chrome is a great web browser that itself has developed by Google. People are passionate about the way they work. It is equipped with many tools that you can hardly see in any other browser. With every update, it's getting better. You will be able to run it comfortably on any laptop, Chromebook, Tablet or Smartphone as butter.

➲ Google Docs - Very useful apps

If you keep your required papers or work papers in Google Docs, then you can find it anywhere with the help of the Internet. This is one of the most important apps Google has developed. You can also delete uploaded files whenever you want.

➲ Google Drive - 

Think of it as your Pen-Drive, it is very important to have internet for it. Upload your files to your work and download it whenever you need it, with the help of the Internet.

➲ Google Maps - 

In today's time, you can use Google's application to view a map of any place on any browser or smartphone. It also supports Google Earth. Due to this, you will easily be able to complete your journey. These travelers, as well as students, drivers or anyone who has been lost somewhere, has the application of work for everyone. The paths shown are arguably correct.

➲ Google Now - 

This application is currently only available on Android. It sees what you do and gives you information related to it.

Google Voice - This helps you get your work done from your phone after listening to your wish like Apple's Siri. It's getting better with every update. But if you can speak good English then you can arguably enjoy it.
ay Music - 

This is a music application. Using it, you can enjoy the music stored in your device. You can also download songs online and take advantage of the radio.

➲ Google Voice - 

This helps you get your work done from your phone after listening to your wish like Apple's Siri. It's getting better with every update. But if you can speak good English then you can arguably enjoy it.

➲ Google Wallet - 

This is a payment application through which you can purchase Paid Apps and other content at Google's Play Store. You can understand it as your online purse in words from Asana.

➲ YouTube - 

YouTube is a video sharing website, where User can view videos, give ratings, leave comments, and share video clips with ease. YouTube is a very popular website where people can find everything they need, entertainment, knowledge, art etc. all in one place. Today, thousands of people are earning money by using YouTube. Using this website you can get famous overnight.

History Of Google :

 Well, in today's time, Google is a company of ArboT trillion, which has made its own place in Oxford Dictionary, which is a verb. But there were two Ph.D. students who had the name of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were students of Stanford University, California, in 1995, they met each other in 1995 and that same started the search engine.

 In 1996 Sergey Brin and Larry Page were studying when they were studying PHD and thought of separating their PHD into the research project and thought, "If we rank the website, compare it with another website, it will be great, at that time This was the way to rank them, as often as the word was searched, that web page would rank it accordingly, and this idea is the form of Google today. Initially, they gave it the name BACKRUB. "

 In 1997, both of them gave the name of the search engine "Google", which is "googol", in reality, it is a mathematical term and Google made this googol wrong by writing it is a strange reality. Googol means 100 behind zero 1.

 Google's first doodle homepage was made in 1998, but now Google does more than doodle home page 2000, in the world, and there is a team of doodles at the present time.

 Beginning of AdWords in 2000, and now Google is the world's largest company offering online advertising, which has made a big business success. Text ads serve video advertisements and mobile ads, and in return, takes money.

 On the day of April fool 2004, this company launched Gmail, along with a great amount of space for the Gmail Data Store, and was giving even more at the present time.

 Google bought Company Keyhole, a mapmaker in 2004-05 and today is known as Map Company Google Map which can show 360 Degree View through the way of showing new information and Earth App. Sitting home

 In 2006, the company bought a specially called Video Sharing Website Youtube. At the moment, 60 hours of video are being uploaded every single minute.

 2007 bought Android and this is the best operating system of the nowadays mobile device.

 In 2008, its own browser chrome came into the market, officially launched on September 2, 2008, it is one of the world's most favorite browsers.

 In 2011, Larry Page became Google's new CEO before he was Eric Schmid, he is now the executive chairman, the alphabet in the year 2011 started the Google+ project, there was a real-life sharing feature such as Facebook, Twitter

 In 2012, an update to android 4.1 jelly bean, the Google Nexus 7 tablet was launched. July 9, 2012, Google Now and the Google Voice Search feature have started, now it has become Google Assistant.

 Coming to Google Glass Market in 2013 In which glasses you can run your mobile.

 The VR HEADSET was started in 2015, now it has been quite fond of people.

 The Google Loon Project was launched in 2016, where the Internet was reached where the Internet did not reach, and Google's first mobile phone Pixel was launched this year.

 Google Home was also launched in 2016, through which you can run all the electronic Device bids, you can also find answers to some questions.

 Google.ai was launched in Google's Google i / o in 2017, where you will find AI tools and also the introduction of Google Lens, through which you can find any photos of anyone, what is it?

 So it was Google's history so far ahead of this Google will continue to see if something new came

Do not think that this list ends here. Not that there are many other applications of work that Google has made or bought. It would be a bit difficult to give place to everyone here. Like every year, Google places great applications in its ranks and this list continues to grow. Hope you liked this post.

My Final Decision :

Friends, today's information will be good enough for you, hope you find this information useful. Well you have been able to answer that Google's income, what is Google in Hindi, you can answer this question, by the way, according to me, all the world's big companies would like to work with it and Google is slowly working on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, so that people need to lower its mind, Google's motive is that the life of the person would be postponed, if you still have any questions you would like to ask If yes, write down in the comment box and subscribe to our blog.

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