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Blogger Vs Wordpress Difference

Nowadays, everybody wants to make money using the Internet and in this way Blogging is the best way. Blogging means building your blog and then making money by various means. People who are not much aware about blogging or are new to this field, they get annoyed by thinking about who chooses from WordPress and Blogger. When this problem comes to them when they know that WordPress is also a platform for website creation. Well, there are many platforms for blogging such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Weebly etc., through which we can easily manage the content of our blog and blog but it is very difficult to choose one of the WordPress and blogger because these Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to blogging, we have many options to choose from, such as WordPress, Blogspot (Blogger), Tumblr and more.

Its related is a very popular topic, what's great for blogging? WordPress or Blogger Sometimes answering this question is confusing, because of as many people like Blogspot due to low tech hassles, they make WordPress more due to its more features and power. When someone asks me what platform I like, my answer is:

                          "My recommendation is that always start with a blogger for a month, and once you understand and understand blogging, you should create your new self-hosted WordPress platform blog. You can use Blogger as it is free but do not stick to it for a long time."
Before creating a blog, it is important to know about this very well so that you can make the right decision. People often blogger in the beginning of blogging, but after some time they change their blog in WordPress, but this does not mean that the blogger is not a good platform. Know what are the differences between WordPress or blogger so that you can do a good start

There are also two versions of WordPress, one of which is : ( is free )

And the other is ( while requires hosting. )

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Difference Between Blogger & Wordpress - 

WordPress or BlogSpot: Which Platform Should You Choose?


Blogger is Google's Platform This means all your data are stored on Google. You can easily create a blog on your blog and you can create up to 10 blogs with the help of a Gmail ID, but you do not have access to the server, Google has the right to it, that means Google Whenever you want to close the account or close your blog, you can not make any claim or objection to it. 

While WordPress does not have such a thing, you can host it yourself, that means you have the right to have whatever data you have on WordPress. You can turn it off whenever you want and when you can start it. For this, you get a WordPress software that installs in Hosting. When you want to start your blog and when it will stop, you will set it apart. You can also share whatever data you want with the third party, you also have to decide for yourself.


In Blogger, Google gives you some tools through which you can control your blog but there are some limitations and you have to work in the same. If you want to put something more on your blog, then it is not possible. You have to work with tools given.

While there are WordPress Open Source Platforms that you can customize according to your wishes and you can add More features to it, you can improve your Blog by installing any Plugin in it.


In Blogger we can use only a few templates which are already in Blogger. A template is a kind of texture or design that we can change in the look and feel of our blog by using it in Blog. There are very few templates in Blogger which can be used and those who do not have a good look at Blog and you can not even create layouts in it, meaning that you can not design your blog according to your style or style.

Note: But now there are some new updates templates in Blogger so you can pur any template in Blogger and your wishes.

There is no such thing in WordPress, you will find thousands of free templates or themes, and that too high quality, which will look like your Blog Professional website. You can make your own layout, it means that you can make it look as per your mind. To conclude, WordPress is much better than Blogger.


Blogger is Google's Platform This means that it provides the best protection for blogs created in it. If your blog is in it then you do not have to worry about security. Hacking it is very difficult and no matter how much your traffic comes, your blog will never slow down.

It is not that WordPress is not safe, it is also very safe, but Blogger does not win, you host your blog in it. This means that if you are hosting the host with limited resources then you. You need to take care of the security of your blog because it can not handle more traffic so you can use the plugin. This means that Blogger is better than WordPress in terms of security.


In Blogger, Google gives you 1GB of space, In this case, you have to store all but you can easily add it to your Google+ account so that space will be more. They get hosting in WordPress, which costs $ 4.95 / month, and you get the domain and you can use the space as much as you want.


You can transfer your data to another platform in Blogger, but it is very difficult to work and you can also spoil your SEO, which can reduce the traffic of your site and you may suffer loss, that is, the month Or the hard work of the year is most likely to be wasted. It allows Google Portability, but this data remains on Google's servers for a long time.

This is not the same in WordPress. If you have to change your blog's domain name or change your hosting site or platform, you can easily do everything in WordPress and you do not have to face any difficulties. This means that even in the Portability WordPress blogger is better in some ways.


SEO has become very important in today's times, which helps to increase the Traffic of Blog / Website and make it search engine friendly. Blogger is also behind WordPress in terms of SEO, although there has been a change in SEO in the last few years in Blogger, But that is not enough.

While there are many plugins in WordPress that allow you to improve the SEO of your blog and make changes.


Blogger does not have any plugins nor does it have the facility of installing. 10 pages of a blog can be made in this platform, the benefit of Blogger is the only way that it is easy to use. 

In WordPress, you can install any plugin as per your wishes and make your blog pleasant, in which you can create as many pages as you wish or as per your wish or need.

If you are new to blogging and you are learning now, then Blogger is suitable for you because it is free and its use is very easy, of course, this is the reason that whenever a new person moves in this area, then start from Blogger. When, after some time, your confidence increases with blogging, you can easily switch to Wordpress. But this does not mean that Blogger is not a good platform but WordPress has its own distinct advantages that make it better. In the end, considering the advantages and disadvantages of both, you have to decide which platforms are best for you and which one you can easily use.

Conclusion: In this post, You read Difference Between Blogger Vs Wordpress

It is meant to say that Blogger is a very good platform and it is free and at the same time it is being used very much today.And WordPress has to take hosting for the website. The powerful WordPress platform is also very good. 

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