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How To Control High Blood Pressure

How To Control High Blood Pressure today we will talk on this topic Hypertension, which we call colloquially High BP ( Blood Pressure ), are like a  volcano. A person with high blood pressure can not see any symptoms for a long  time. Like a volcano, it remains calm from above, but when it grows, then the  patient has severe consequences such as paralysis, heart disease, kidney / kidney  disease etc.

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➥ What Is High Blood Pressure And Its Causes

How To Control High Blood Pressure ➥

➤ We have told you some important points to control high blood pressure. Hope you will keep these points in mind.

All the well-known diseases of blood pressure are known to the disease, the  person may have any type of tension or any kind of shock ie 'suddenly news'  which can increase or decrease the blood pressure of the person. Especially if this disease is found to be more of the elderly, anxiety can increase  their blood pressure. The patient of High Blood Pressure should take care of many special things and  keep the most of your food as your diet can have a significant effect on the body's  blood pressure. This can be helpful for your blood pressure high and low.

We would like to tell you this article, however, that you can control how your  blood pressure is sitting at your home.Some home remedies are being told to control some of our blood pressure. By  which you will be able to treat your blood pressure easily with the available  fruits fruits in your home, which is as follows: -

Using Lemon ➤

Lemon is also an effective treatment to reduce blood pressure. It is helpful in  removing the rigid particles present in the blood vessels of our body. By  consuming it, you can reduce the high blood pressure in your body. Another use  of its lemon is the present vitamins C in the nib, it reduces the vitamin C  deficiency in your body as well as eliminates heart problems.
Vitamin  'C'  biggest scent is that it eliminates its effect by reducing the harmful  effects of free radical particles in our body.
You can drink regularly with a glass of water and mix it with a lemon juice. This  reduces the high blood pressure of your body.

Note: Use of Suger or salt with lemon juice is forbidden.

High blood pressure can also be controlled with the use of melon ➤

Generally, watermelon is consumed by all the people, sweet flavors and dissolves  in the mouth. It removes the water shortage of our body. Ever thought that the  watermelon can also be effective in controlling the high BPof our body. There is  a compound in watermelon. Whose name is Kukurbakitari. It helps in widening  the existing blood cells in our body. By which high blood pressure is gradually  regulated. Watermelon has another advantage. It also improves the functioning  of our body's kidneys.

Use Garlic ➤

Garlic can control blood pressure Garlic is not only used to increase the taste of  food. But Garlic has many uses according to Ayurveda, one of which is Garlic has  a considerable advantage in controlling high blood pressure, and is home  remedies. Existent nitric oxide and hydrogen in garlic, which relaxes our blood  vessels.If you daily grind garlic and cloves and mix it in your food, you will  definitely benefit from it. You can do this too. Take half cup of garlic juice in  half cup of water and drink it regularly so that your high blood pressure will  start to finish.

Banana Controlled your high BP ➤

Banana is a fruit that we usually eat, it can reduce the body's high blood  pressure. The existing potassium inside the banana helps in strengthening the  bones of our body. This potassium reduces the effects of sodium present in our  body. You can eat two bananas a day, as well as dry fruits, that is, the use of  Raisins, orange juice, boiled sweet potatoes, Musk melon, and spinach is also  helpful in controlling high blood pressure.

Celery ➤

Celery can also eliminate high blood pressure in your body. Because a compound  is found in celery, the amount of phytomopic 3 n Baitafortilide is high. Which is  helpful in controlling high blood pressure. You can eat celery with one glass of  water daily. If you want, you can eat celery twice or two times a day. This will  also benefit your high blood pressure.

Coconut Water ➤

Coconut water is very beneficial for patients of high blood pressure. High blood  pressure should be hydrated in the body of the patient. How much water should  you drink in your daily routine, high blood pressure patients should take  coconut water daily. Coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium and  vitamin C. Help in reducing high blood pressure.

Most Important Points Reducing High BP ( Blood Pressure)  ➮

Salt ➤

The amount of sodium used in the food is high in the salt. Excessive water  retention in excess of Sodium increases swelling and the blood pressure  increases. People suffering from blood pressure should not use more than 2400  mg of salt throughout the day. There is about 2500 mg of salt in one chamber of  food.

Important ➞ Do not use more salt foods such as pickle, papad, chips, sauces, cold  drinks etc.

1. Do not have a salt box on the food table.
2. Reduce the use of salt in your diet. Due to the lack of salt, sprinkle the lemon  juice after the lack of taste in the food.
3. If you want, you can use Low Sodium (LONA) salt in the diet with your  doctor's advice

Weight Control ➤

If your weight is higher than your age and height, your blood pressure may  increase. By controlling your weight, you can stay away from hypertension and  diabetes, the two biggest enemies of your health.

Waist Measurement ➤

With weight control you should also pay attention to the measurement of your  waist. Studies have shown that the waist size is more than 40 inch or 102 cm in  men and the risk of blood pressure increases if the waist size in women is more  than 35 inch or 89 cm. You can take advantage of exercise and yoga to reduce  the circumference of your waist.

Regular Exercise / Daily Exercise ➤

In addition to your work, you must do daily exercise every day for at least 30  minutes according to your capacity. Regular exercise keeps your weight under  control, you feel more fresh and your blood pressure may also drop from 5 to 10  mmHg. You can exercise like walking, cycling, swimming, jogging, running,  dancing or playing some sports. If you have any illness, you must take your  doctor's opinion before starting any exercise.

Smoking / Alcohol ➤

To keep blood pressure under control, you should keep  away from smoking, alcohol, tobacco, pimples and drugs. The side effects of all  these bad habits are on our nerves and on the vital organs of the body. Quit smoking altogether, keep checking cholesterol, keep diabetes under control and take care of your kidneys. High blood pressure can also be consumed by taking a lot of drugs, so consult your doctor only and take medicines.

Stress ➤

A key reason for increasing blood pressure is also mental stress. Whether the  tension is long or transient, blood pressure is enhanced only. In order to control  our blood pressure, we should try to live a happy life by staying away from stress  in every situation. You can also take the help of yoga, pranayama and comic /  laughter therapy to overcome the stress. Always keep positive thinking in order to  relieve stress, stay with positive friends, read positive books.

Yoga ➤

By regular practice of Exercise and Yoga, you can keep your blood pressure  under control. By regular , physical Exercise and mental health is maintained.  By meditating on daily meditation, you can control your thoughts and keep  distance from mental disorders that increase blood pressure like anger, grief,  heartburn and stress. To control blood pressure, you can practice the following  Yoga / Pranayama by learning from Yoga Expert.


  • Why delay in checkup
  • Take less salt
  • Cholesterol Level Control
  • Use the stairs
  • Make a little less angry
  • Stay away from smoking

What Should Be Eaten In High Blood Pressure ➦

You keep the quantity of salt in your entire day's diet to 1500-2400 milligrams. You try to eat vegetables only in raw form. Eat vegetarianism in your diet, because consuming highly protein-rich foods will not be good for you. You should eat fruits like watermelon, orange, banana, apple, mango, pear, papaya and pineapple. Which are very good to control hypertension. Eating watermelon seeds is a powerful remedy for hypertension. In your diet, take cucumber, carrot, radish, cauliflower, onion and tomatoes as a salad, which will help you control your high blood pressure. You eat high amounts of magnesium, potassium, calcium and fiber in your diet as it will help keep your heart healthy.

➤ This Type Of Diet Can Be Consumed For The Treatment Of Hypertension➱

➲  Eat coriander, cauliflower, coconut

➲  Honey is also beneficial in hypertension.

➲  Do not eat bananas, desserts, ice cream, pickles, curd not at all.

➲  Ginger or garlic can be used in cooking.

➲  Exercise daily and relax a lot.

➤ Apart from this, by adopting some other habits, you can avoid problems like hypertension ➱

➲  Stay away from obesity.

➲  Stay away from anger, troubles and negative energy

➲  Regularly Yoga/Exercise

In order to Control High Blood Pressure, we should take regular medication  according to the advice of our doctor. In addition to taking medication, we  should take care of certain things which reduce the amount of medication and  avoid other useful parts of the body such as kidney, liver, heart and save on side  effects on blood vessels.