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High Blood Pressure ~ And Its Causes

High Blood Pressure ~ Causes

High Blood pressure is the pressure inserted on the walls of the vessels by blood flowing  in the blood vessels. Tissues and senses lead to The heart regulates blood flow in  the arteries by pumping blood into the arteries and the pressure on it is called  blood pressure. A person's blood pressure is expressed as systolic / diastolic blood  pressure. BP is the pressure on our blood vessel (arteries and veins).  Doctors use a machine to measure it, which is called sphygomanometer. On  pressing the rubber bladder, the strap tightens into the arm and when the  doctor or the investigator receives a tick of tick on the release of the pressure,  then there are two statistics from the falling level of the mercury.

Previously, people believed that blood pressure is in adulthood but now younger  children are also seeing blood pressure. Blood pressure can happen to anyone  and once the drug is started it is not easy to stop it, therefore it is wise to avoid  the problem of High Blood Pressure .

Causes Of High Blood Pressure What Causes Blood Pressure To Burn

The causes of blood pressure are not known in 90% of High Blood Pressure. High BP is difficult to tell, but in some cases the likelihood of high blood  pressure increases. H~B~P can be due to genetic causes, age. Women  are more likely to have these diseases than men. At the same time, blood pressure  may be higher due to increased obesity, excessive amount of sodium, excessive  alcohol intake or physical activity.

There are many reasons for blood pressure to grow.
  • Genetics,
  • Salt, 
  • Obesity,
  • Stress, 
  • Pregnancy, 
  • Smoking, 
  • Alcohol,
  • Kidney Disease, 
  • Diabetes,
  • Junk Food, 
  • Contraceptive Pills, 
  • Modern And Relaxed Lifestyles, 
  • Hormonal Disturbances, etc can increase blood pressure. Eating more salt also  causes some people's blood pressure to burn.

Causes of high blood pressure ➤

Symptoms of high blood pressure: Hypertension does not have specific symptoms  and it is called silent killer. At the same time when it grows by itself, the patient  gets to know about it. There may be complaints of headache, dizziness, dullness,  vomiting, or chest pain, if increased pressure increases.

➥ Increasing Age Is The Cause Of High Blood Pressure 

Age- As the age of the person increases, the blood becomes weak in the blood  vessels, causing high blood pressure problems. Along with aging, the risk of high  blood pressure is high. High blood pressure is more common in men than women,  however, high blood pressure is equally susceptible to both men and women after  the age of 60 years.

➥ Obesity is due to high blood pressure 

Research and research have shown that obesity is a very high cause of HPB. The  risk of high blood pressure in a fat person increases very much compared to that  of a normal person. .People with overweight and obese people are more likely to  develop hypertension.

➥ High BP is due to lack of physical activity 

Along with lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle also increases the risk of high  bp. Due to lack of exercise - Participation in sports, exercise, and physical  activity also increases the risk of high blood pressure.

➥ The side effects of smoking are hypertension 

Smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels, resulting in high blood pressure.  Smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, thereby rapidly  pumping for heart compensating, which can increase blood pressure.

➥ Reason for Alcohol is High BP 

According to researchers, people who drink alcohol regularly have more sisalic  blood pressure than normal people. They found that Sistolic blood pressure levels  are about 7 mmHg higher than those who do not drink often.

➥ The cause of high blood pressure is fat diet 

Many health professionals say that fat diet increases the risk of high blood  pressure. Most dieticians say that the problem is not how much we consume fat,  but the problem is that we are consuming fat. Fats derived from plants like  avocado, nuts, olive oil, are good for you. While the saturated fat and trans fats  are bad for you.

➥ Diabetes is the cause of hypertension 

People with diabetes are at high risk of having high blood pressure. High blood  sugar hypertension is a risk factor for patients with type 1 diabetes. Effective and  favorable blood sugar reduces the long-term risk of developing hypertension,  with insulin. People with type 2 diabetes have high blood sugar and high risk of  high blood pressure due to obesity, some medicines and some cardiovascular  diseases.

➥ Psoriasis is also the cause of high blood pressure 

A study conducted on 78,000 women for 14 years found that psoriasis also  promotes the development of high blood pressure and diabetes. Psoriasis is the  state of an immune system that appears in the form of thick, red flaky skin.

➥ High blood pressure causes pregnancy 

Pregnant women are more at risk of developing hypertension than common  women of the same age. This is the most common medical problem during  pregnancy.

➥ Heredity  

The main cause of heredity is the heredity. If a family has a  problem of high blood pressure, their next pain also suffers from this problem.  This happens because of the transition of one's genes from one generation to  another.

➥ Various diseases 

High blood pressure due to diseases, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, weakening of blood vessel etc.

Hypertension is caused by many reasons, some of which cause physical and some mental.

Mental reason :

➥ Anxiety and fear among sensitive people increases heart rate, so that blood pressure increases even further.

➥ Irritate

➥ Over work

➥ Tension in the family or in the workplace

Physical cause :

➥ Increasing cholesterol in the blood

➥ obesity

➥ Genetic

➥ Eating large amounts of non-vegetarian food

➥ Oily diet

➥ To drink alcohol

We have told you some reasons for High Blood Pressure And Its Causes, which has high blood pressure, it is a serious disease. If it does not get control then it will do poison in our lives. So we told you in this post today that for what reasons the fear of burning high blood pressure.