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Good Night Poems For Wife/ Poems For Husband

Good Night Poems For Wife/ Poems For Husband ❤

A relationship between husband and wife is a very sacred bond. Because husband and wife swear to live together and both ( Husband and Wife ) spend life together. In this post, we will know that a husband writes some Good Night Poems For Wife and a wife rings them by writing a Good Night Poems For Husband. You will also know this fact that the husband and wife whom we call mother and father are like God for us. And the relation of Husband & wife are full of life and, they have to keep this relationship for the rest of their lives. The life of our parents ( mother ( wife ) and father ( husband ) )should be alive and live until the end. Here we are going to share some Good Night Poems For Husband that you should share with your husband so that he feels so much care and love for him and every husband also wants to write some Good Poems For Her Wife and send to him. Even in the case of the wife, every husband will have to know what he expects from us. A husband always wants that he could keep his wife happy, and the second case one wife also want her husband not to suffer from some kind of pain. A wife wants, her husband and a husband want do not want to see their wife suffering from any kind of sorrows in any way.

➥ Here we know how husband and wife have a relationship ❤

Now a husband would have wanted to write some good poems for his wife.Now you have to read this wife's good poem in this post.

Good Night Poems For Wife

I want to say goodnight to you but this is very difficult for me,
Suppose you are not with me but far away from me
But I'm longing to say goodnight to you
tear is falling from my face and I am wife My tears,
That is why what you are not with me
Good Night My Wife

Your distance is too low for me
This distance is between you and me.
Now I am determined to catch the distance between you 
and me, And now I have come close to your heart
Now watching this distance night up in the morning.
And now it's time to call you good night
G.N My wife.

When I look at the clouds, then I see it very beautiful,
And then the heart feels that she wished she would be with me,
And when the night is there, the landscape of the clouds is 
very beautiful, it cannot be imagined.
It seems that she would be with me and we could say 
each other good night.
Good N8t My Wife ( My Love, My Sweetheart )

When I close my eyes, My means  to say when I am sleeping
She starts weeping in the sadness of the inside
I remember you told me, That tonight we will ride the 
clouds and enjoy it
Good Night My Wife

I love my wife a lot,
Also, she loves me a lot
We both love lot of each other
And my wife always lives in a romantic mood
And she makes me even romantic
I love My wife always
and G.N My wife

I like my wife and I also loved her
Because she is my life and there is nothing More than
Becoz she is more important than my life
Bcoz I can't live without her a moment
Without him, it seems that my life is alone and I have to 
spend my life alone
Gud Night Wife

Those are my husband because he loves me
And the love of both of us is immortal
& no one can separate us from each other
We will also die together and also Stay alive together.
G.N ~~~ Wife

Life of a husband and wife is very dark relationship
The way we can not guess how deep the sea is
In the same way, we cannot predict how deep love happens 
as a husband and wife.
Because the husband's life is hell without a wife
In the same way, a wife can not live without her husband
[email protected] ~ my wife.

How much we love you, my wife, how will you guess 
We can not live without you
And we will continue to love you while you are
Because God has made you only for me
My Wife.

It is necessary for a wife to obey her husband
And the husband also has the duty to keep his wife happy
& take him on a picnic giving with a nice gift
And both of them lost love so much in with each other that 
they would not have any disturb them.

I can take care of my wife
And when she is angry with me, 
I also want to happy her
I loved My Wife and I Saying to good night to you

I write poetry for you and I try to happy you

But I have to ask you about this poem from you and your
heart that you liked this poem it.I will wait for your reply
It will be hoped that my poem written by me will be loved 
my wife.

My wife loves my poetry (only written by me)
Because my thoughts are similar to my wife
So whatever poetry I write, my wife feels very good.
Because I am her husband and she is my wife
G.D Ngt Love My wife

Romantic Good Night Poems For Wife :

Weather is good at night,
And I'm missing you alone, Standing up On the roof
even We are not with you, we can call you good night
G.d Night My Lovely Wife.

Love of my life 
Angel of my life
My precious bride Mother of my child
All these things force me to think about my wife
Now we fall asleep and when you sleep saying your wife 
good night.

Make this night so happy My wife,
till here we cannot never forget this night
And we both are wrapped in bed
& are talking about love
And sleep together by saying good night each other

In today's dream, you have seen us
Even you love with me 
You did not say me goodnight, then you see me in your dream

I miss you for a long time
Because I need you so much
when I am lost in my old dreams,
Then I see you all the time
G.N my love.. my wife

Good Night Love Poems For Husband

My husband's no answer he is very romantic
And they love me by being romantic
Because every wife to want her husband to see her with love eyes.
And saying me good night at night
G.d Night My husband.

We do not like disappear to you,
Because we love you, My husband
Missing you, at night 
Because you've spent a lot of night with me
And you remember when you sleeping, you saying me good night at Night 
My husband ( G.N )

At night I am on bed and together with me you are and dreaming well,
And we both are dreaming a good dream,
And in this dream, you are telling us good night 
and I am also telling my husband G.d Night

My husband, you see us in the clouds,
And we look like a good night in your dream,
In today's dream, we will see you as a good night saying,
I love My husband ( Your Lovely Wife )

My husband, you are my heartbeat,
And my heart is yours too,
Because I love you so much that 
I can not live without you for a moment
I Love You ( My husband )

You are my life partner and never have separated from me,
Otherwise, I would not be able to live without you
Because you promised me,
That we will die and live together
G.d Night My Dear Husband

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My heart is like a mirror,
As soon as there are any scratches of the mirror, 
there is a scar on it, In the same way, I have given this heart to you,
In the same way, never cheat on this heart or 
Else my heart will be like a mirror,
And you will not be able to add my heart again.
Gud Night My Husband ( I love My Hus~band )

Do you love your husband,
If not, then learn to love them,
And while sleeping at night,
Listening to the stories of love and
Then saying them good night
My Husband ( Your Wife Your wife loves you so much  )

This heart is not of stone, it is associated with your heart,
When we do not sleep at night, 
That We keep thinking about you at night,
And send you the message of love at night
G.D Night My Husband ( My Love )

Good Night Poems For Wife : Today in this post, every husband read has a few nights messages about his wife. And a wife, she would have wanted she send a Good Night Poems Messages For Her Husband.

Conclusion: In this post, we have discussed about Good Night Poems For a Cute wife and together Good night poems husband