Friday, 29 September 2017

Happy Birthday Wishes ♥ Messages For *Girlfriend*

We have written a message that we send Girlfriend birthday wishes message to our G.F ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend : Friends today is our topic that you will write messages to congratulate your girlfriends on her birthday  and congratulate her. Everybody's birthday comes once a year. But every boy always remembers the  birthday of his girlfriend and he remembers that he loves her true and he send romantic and Love Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend. Some girl also remembers the  birthday of her boyfriend and she congratulates her. There is a tradition of celebrating birthdays in our  country. Our scriptures recognize that human birth is attained after many virtues. We have been praying  that we live for a hundred years. 

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If we are away, then today we remember the day,
You are not right, your shadow is with us,
You think we all forget,
But remember, we remember your birthday
MY love ♥♥

Gift-i-heart give, or let the moon stars,
Ask me what are you on my birthday
Life is less than your name;
Fill every moment in your happiness

Good Night Messages For x Girlfriend

Good Night SMS And Shayari

Today is special for us,
Who would not want to spend without you,
All the prayers are for you
Still say you get all the great happiness on this,

This is our birthday on our blessings,
Not a broken friendship ever,
Will give you happiness
And he will be happy dear.
hpy brthdy my love ♥♥

God is a venerable one,
My life is in heaven,
Whether we are together or not
But he is happy to meet them all ..

You will find a loving life,
You get the moment of happiness,
Never have to face any misfortune
You got this tomorrow's tomorrow.
hpy birthdy [email protected]♥♥@

Whether you remember or not,
We keep on remembering these days every day,
So special for us
Because this is our birthdy my love/♥♥

Good Morning Love Girlfriend ♥ Boyfriend Messages

Like the rose, happiness is in your life,
Like the smells, laughing at your lips,
Keep smiling you always
And we remained in the heart of you

Moonlight is brought from the moon,
Outside from the flowers have brought fragrance,
Decorating your birthday
We have brought all the happiness of the world.

The moon gives its moonlight, ♥
Rose gives you its smell, ♥
We just ask for it in every prayer ♥
God will give you every pleasure. ♥

This is our blessings from God,
You should take our age,
Be happy forever
And your age should be longer.

The day will be amazing,
Become the most beautiful evening of your life,
No less happy you
Where all the joys of your lips become a smile.
my love hpy birthday ♥

All you have to do is enjoy the happiness,
Do not feel like you ever lose ours,
I pray that all the wishes are fulfilled today
Who wants to love you dear

♥♥Let's go in and let your lips come,
In today's time, all the happines should be sung in your steps,
Today is the day in lakhs
So much happiness will be punished for you every moment.
hpy brthdy sweetheart...♥♥

Take some special blessings from our lives
Take some nets on birthday
Fill the color which is in your life ... ..
Take that hello today

Happy Birthday of this special birthday
Happy new quotes in eyes,
The life that has come with you today ...
Happy all the happiness of the happiness .... !!!

Romantic Good Morning Love Messages 

Birthday party should be party,
Wish is also Morning.

Every way is easy,
There are happiness on every path,
Be beautiful every day,
This is the whole life,
This is my prayer every day,
This is your birthday every !!!

Life is full of desires,♥
Every moment, full of wishes,♥
hapines started to look younger,♥
You are so happy tomorrow!♥
[email protected]

Your name will be on every peak of success,
At every step you will be greeted with the world,
Confronted with difficulties,
At the time of our prayer, 
one day you will be your slave.

We remember today's birthday, 
do not complain about why his name is not on love,
perhaps because we do not remember his brthday
my love ♥♥♥ hpy @ birth @ day ♥♥

A boy and a girl love each other a lot and they promise each other to live each other for their birth. And  remember also each other's birthday. And the boy carries his girlfriends to hell, and she only bites the  cake till she comes so much that she waits for him. 

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Friends, today we wrote to the Girlfriend Birthday Wishes , I hope if you like this article. You can send your girlfriend.