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Good Night Messages For Whatsapp And Facebook


If you are on this page this means that you are looking for Good Night Messages For Whatsapp and Facebook. We know that everybody needs a good night's message once for his beloved. If you want to increase the love between your relationships.

The good night's good luck plays an important role. Suppose someone sends you a Romantic Good Night Messages Facebook And Whatsapp on your mobile, then his eyes will definitely increase in your eyes. Therefore, with the help of these messages, you can increase your value in your friend circle. We hope you like these messages .

In this article we will give you the Best Good Night Message For Whatsapp And Facebook, through which you can update on FB and WhatsApp. Nowadays we all know that most relationships on social media work. Most relationships are dependent on social media and most people join it through social media, through their partners, we share our feelings to our partners through Scl mdea. Social media really helps strengthen relationships. We always show our feelings through Whatsapp and Facebook. Here we are going to provide a good nightly message for Facebook and WhatsApp. So greetings to your partner with these good night's messages and your partner is good for you. When we send good night's messages to our friends, really get happiness.

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Good Night Messages For Facebook And Whatsapp:

Goodnight Message is the best way to feel your partner and through this, we can express our feelings through words. In a true relationship we always take care of our partner and always try to do beautiful things for our partner. Relationships If you want to strengthen your bond, then you have to associate your partners with these good night's messages. In this post you will get the best collection of Good Night Messages for Facebook and WhatsApp. Here's the best stuff for a good night, then greet your partners with these good night messages and your partner is very good for you.

Best Collection Of Good Night Messages For Facebook And Whatsapp:

Good Night in English
"Good night" in Hindi
"Jarandi" in Kannada
"Shabba Well" in Urdu
"Padakkopo" in Telugu
And in your style
"Take a walk ..."

Hello this is our midnight Whatsapp SMS service,
In it we slept by sleeping at midnight while awaking ghosts, thank you ...
Go to sleep now, Good Night, Sweet Dream

Where friendship is there love,
Where love there love,
Where Ishq there risk,
Where rishk there pain,
Where the pain medication,
Put the medication and sleep silently ...
Good Night ...sweet heart

The pain of pain is the most fun,
When some sleeping is asked after waking up
That - "Are not you getting my SMS?"

If someone came to your bed at night,
Surprise you,
Played with you,
Kiss you
So do not get too romantic,
Burning mosquito incense and sleeping ...
G.D N8T..

how are you mister,
What do you think,
We have fallen asleep ...
You too can go to ha ha ha ...

Once you ask for life, then look,
Once you remember,
If we do not come,
So understand that ...
Sleep is sleeping,
And on mobile silent ..
good night…

Do not know why people respect me so much,
Whenever I am SMSing to anyone,
So he jokes his head down and reads my SMS,
Just like you…
"Oops ... My Crazy Fans ...!"

Happy are you,
In the dreams also with God,
When your eyes open,
Very happy with you ...
good night!

Night is the weather
Be the edge of the river,
Cheeks are yours
But kiss us are ...
Good Night !!

Smile in the loneliness in love
It is love to hide one thing from all,
If we do not sleep then at night,
But sleeping in bed and sleeping awakened sleep is ...
good night!

Do not know why it is so late that night,
You talk about things that matter,
We try to sleep a lot,
But do not forget why you miss ...
good night!!

I remember you every night,
This is the same thing every day from the moon stars
You do not want to come to me completely,
Because the fearsome look of our sleep is bad ...
good night!!!

If the stars were not in the air ..
The trash heart was not forced.
We sure will tell you Good Night ..
If your home was not away ...
good night!

1 drop of rain will make you happy.
2 Rainboots give laughter ..
3 rainboots give fondness ..
4 rainboots give success.
5 rainboots ..
Just do it ... it will be cold ..
good night!

Sir hanging over the fan,
From the window you see the soul,
Witch sitting under the bed,
Cut the head behind the curtain,
Do not pay attention to all these sleep comfortably ...!

We wait for you to wait for the pain
You are curable
Moments stay in our hearts,
Do not know we will sleep
No, but you can sleep properly
That's why you are called Good Night.

We will wake up sleeping,
Will steal your sleep
We will understand every time
We will come to you
But remember that anger
Then we will come. good night!

Remove tiredness throughout the day
Bead program for tomorrow
Go to church and open your eyes
Look very lovingly in your hands
Written on your mobile
Read my Good Night Sons.

When the night does not sleep,
Heart beat beats too
Go to sleep, then others sleep
bad, maybe their prays
Let's sleep with you.

Do not sleep in deep sleep,
You are today
Come in dreams, come in dreams
You have to say this
Hard without us sweet
Sleeping .. Good night ..

Good sleep has come ...
Good night sweet dreams
Come So Sweet Dreams
Dreaming you down
So do not fall ...
Take care good night

It seems like something
Being sweet, no sweet
Going to lose in dreams
Slow down light
Your a moon, mine
Its going to sleep now!

The day is the night a, gold
Let's talk now when
The gold was then your
Remember, stop thinking
Light before you ..
Say good night ..!

Go to sleep
A lot of dreams, you
Do peace the moon and
The stars will pray with god
Tonight, be enough
Your gaze good night!

In cool cool night ,
small room, a very small door sees
the little star you lose sweet dreams,
Good Night ..

You see the moon also
Till the stars are also
Look stopping
Is smile, we are
For all we too
Good night is saying.

Just the rest of the night, my
The rest of the heart, which is
My heart is hiding, that emotions
The rest is sleeping
Friend, your sleep is rest,
See you tomorrow morning
The beginning is the other.

Tonight mosquito is not cut you,
Bcoz good night will take care of you,
but Ent is cutting of you bcoz,
I wish you very sweet dream

Night when someone remembers
happy When the hair cures,
Do not let the eyes sleep,
What is the idea of ​​which
They come in a dream.

sleep sleep!
Me without good night
Sleep without ..! Of the night
The queen will come
Go to bed
Fall down, then all sleep
Will fly ..

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