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Greetings Messages For * Happy Diwali *

Best Happy Diwali Greetings Messages

Diwali is India's most important and popular and widely celebrated festival. The Diwali word has changed from Diwali. Diwali was known in the days before Diwali. This festival is celebrated in the end of October or early November when winter season is entered. In fact, there is a very nice and entertaining and lovely moment because people are happy all day on this day. In this article you will find Messages Diwali Greetings, which you can send to friends, family members and everyone to love you There are various opinions about it: Jain believes that on this day Mahavir Swami went to heaven, where he received from the Gods warmly. He got Nirvana this day. Hindus celebrated this festival because on this day Shri Ramchandra returned to Ayodhya after the killing of King Ravana of Lanka.

Happy Diwali Wishes Message

This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. People whitewash their homes and shops with pictures, toys and paper flowers. All wooden things are painted and polished. Women prepare food in their homes. All houses are cleaned and cleaned, because on this day it is believed that the Goddess of money is clean and there is no dirt and dirt anywhere else. , Is born. So people take part in cleaning their homes and offices. On Diwali night, people light up their homes and shops. Poor people light up their homes with lamp, rich people shine their homes with different light bulbs of different colors. Money is spent on pyrotechnics in big cities. All people are happy. They are seen in their best clothes. People decorate their shops and keep more crowds in the market during the day and night. People send Best Greetings Diwali Messages

Celebrate Happy Diwali

About 10 PM people close their shops and go home. Then they worship Goddess Lakshmi of wealth. After worshiping, he enjoyed the rich food prepared for the day. They send sweets and gloves to their friends and relatives. The officers give their servants a racket. Poor people are given to devotees, everybody gets sweets and each other gets sweets so that they can enjoy all the festivals. Merchants and shopkeepers close their old accounts. They open new people for the new year. Hindus believe that Goddess Lakshmi will come to her house at night. Therefore, they keep awake all night and worship the Goddess Lakshmi so that they have wealth and wealth in their life. Hello Deepawali Greetings are given below on this page.The festival is useful for many people, it comes after the rainy season. Therefore, all filthy things and garbage are removed from the house, the smell of air Havana and lamp lamps are purified. Shopkeepers and toy sellers earn a lot of money on this festival.

Although this festival is very useful, it is not free from evils. Gambling should be disappointed among the people It is a scary day on this happy day. Festivals like Diwali are the only opportunity to show the social and religious cell of the country. People were very happy for the return of their beloved Rajkumar, they published entire Ayodhya with mud lamps, decorated their homes and welcomed them with pomp and ceremony. The present day of Diwali is organized in memory of this celebration. The best Diwali Greetings 2016 are available in this article. Immediately after the rainy season is over, Diwali is usually celebrated in the end of October or early November. Many preparations go before the actual preparation. Houses are pure, white washed and painted. Every nook and corner of the house flows cleanly.

Happy Diwali Greetings

1. Divine light of Diwali can spread
                    Peace, prosperity,
                     Happiness and good health

2. May the beauty of the depth season
                    Fill your home with happiness,
                    And in the coming year you can provide with all
                    That you bring happiness!

3. Can be joy, excitement, fun and happiness
                    With this divine festival you are always walking around forever
                    May be happy, it brings weather
                    Brighten your life, and, hopefully, the year brings you luck and fulfills all your favorite dreams!

4. Let us celebrate Diwali's auspicious day
                    This bright day can be plentiful with fun and glee
                    Joy and joy in your life
                    Your wishes are being sent here on this Diwali

5. On this auspicious festival of lights
                    Glow prosperity and happiness of happiness
                     Grow Your Days Happy Diwali Throughout the Year

6. Sweet smell of flowers
                    Diwali is the array of colors here
                    Fireworks are lit candles
                    Children are presenting Play
                     We pray to Lord Diwali.

7. Let us keep Diwali holding it.
                    Closer to our heart for its meaning
                     Never ends and its sense of heat
                     And enjoy the friends remember

8. May Goddess Lakshmi and
                    Lord Ganesha blesses you with happiness
                    Progress and prosperity on Diwali
                    In the next year!

9. Light up millions of lamps
                    Infinite happiness, prosperity, health and wealth with ur life
                     Congratulations to U and ur family forever, a very "happy"

10. A sweet childhood festival full of memories,
                    The sky full of fireworks, mouth full of mouth,
                    Home-made food and heart full of joy
                    Congratulations to all of you a very happy Diwali!

11. Charming Lados Antant Diaas
                    A great fun of fun
                    Lots of dessert irreversible fireworks
                    To celebrate the best deal for fun, you have a lot of sales-A-Britian's fun Diwali Fair.

Happy Diwali Greetings

12. Respect for God,
                    And for them decorating the ground,
                    This is what is about this opportunity,
                    This is Deepavali's spirit

13. May this Diwali is as bright as usual.
                    Can this diwali bring you happiness, health and wealth?
                    The festival of light can revive you and your loved ones and loved ones.
                    Is this Diwali the most talented and selective happiness in you?
                     And you've ever loved love

 14. A matchstick flashing for some time,
                     A candle shines for a few hours, there is a sunlight for one day.
                     I want you to shine forever and ever! Happy Diwali to you and your family!

15. May the festival of lights surrounds your life
                    With great pleasure and joy
                    Success with them comes to your door
                    You always send thoughts to me on Diwali warmly.

16. Diaz tells us that God is the way
                    Always be light to remove darkness
                    The light of the lamp can bring happiness in your life Happy Diwali

17. Even today you can give happiness to everyone,
                    This day can meet all your wishes,
                    This day can blast your life happily
                     Happy Deepawali

18. Divisions of this day show how beautiful life is with this light,
                     Do these lamps shine their life like the sun,
                     Happiness can spread throughout ur life on this day

19. Burn with all your grief
                   All screams of Diwali include fireworks,
                  This day can bring happiness to your life and
                  Burn all your grief
                   Happy Diwali

20. Look at the sky in the night,
                  You will get the light everywhere
                  I want God to provide those lights in your life forever,
                  You want very happy Diwali

People have brightened their homes in this respect. There are more than ten legends that tell us why we celebrate Diwali as one of India's greatest festival , So children celebrate to and give a Greetings Diwali Message. On this day, it is believed that the Goddess of wealth was born during the Samantha Manthan, which was done for the gods and the Asurasans. That is why people worship Goddess Lakshmi on this day so that they can get wealth and prosperity in their lives. On this eve of this page, full information about happy Deepawali greetings has been given.

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