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Love : Good Night 35 Messages For Friends

Best Way to Celebrate Good Night Love Messages For Friends ,Girlfriend ,Boyfriend ,Wife ,Husband Send Good Night Messages and Surprise For people . Good Night 30+ Best Messages  know that u are thinking about them, this is the best way. Start a new romance or rebuild your relationships with these romantic Messages and text messages to send that special person. The Lovely G.D N8 Messages can be sent to a lover and other people. It says that the action speaks louder than words but, arguably, sending a lovely good night text messages can have a more lasting effect than calling.

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 Messages For Good Night For Dear Friends :

When you send a Gd nyt Best Messages Friends For Good Night to that special person, they have a lovely reminder that how much you care that they can read again, even after a few days of sending the message. There are millions of different good night text that u can send to your loved one.s Romantic text msg express their feelings for the person and how much u miss them.

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Best Love Good Night Messages :

1. I want that the moon is always full and bright and you always calm and correct . Whenever U goes to shop the light, remember that I wish to  thank u .... G.D NT !!

2. Gud N8 Sleep wel. I will dream of u with all my strength.

3. G.N ,G.D, love nd peaceful.

4. Every day, I spend with u , the best day of my life, Good Night can not wait for the morning.

5. Gud Nigt my love, pleasant dreams, my love can be troubled, tomorrow is sunnty and bright and u can come close to me.

6. Love is simple emotion, I dream of dream every night, I want to catch my heart.... I love u...

7. oh so lucky for u ::: tonite u and me.

8. The sun is upset and the moon is happy, the beacose sun is missing u, and the moon is going to stay with u for the nite, a wonderful nte.

9. One day is ending again like everyone else like u like it, it looks so good. U thank u my love and all the angels can protect u this nite.

10. Every day I lve u more than ystrdy. lVLY dreams...

11. I do not dre3am about u , because I can never think of u.

12. goodnight, I see u in the morning!

13. If u want to know more about urself, I would like to know how to do it, take a break I you r right, then u are... God Night my life.

14. Sweet  romantic good night poem for Bf,,, Is moon or moonlight nite Hot stars u know there r two things u can do what r u liking for? Gud Nite my fiend.

15. The most romantic good night poem for love this 4u G.d Nte my sweetheart...

16. 1 4u,1 year ago, do not know what to say. King is so good and her cell is auspicious night...

17. Hello all this is midnight service of anti-India society. Our purpose is to disturb the sleep of theirs thank u for the godhood nite.

18. I do not know what kind of thing u are, I'm pretty sure u are very happy that night !

19. Tonight, I went to bed, but I thought there was something missing. So i got up form my bed, caught my cell phone and sent u a greeting. Gd Nite....!!!

20. Tomorrow I want to live with u, try it today, G.d nte my love

21. Do you know how good it is to go to bed every day and know That u are mine and I am urs? A lovely night, my love !!!!

22. I want u to be here or I was there. I want that we stay together anywhere. God Nite until we meet again...

23. Candles can burn without light ; The moon cant shine without night, so hw can I sleep without greeting the good nyt...

24. We never want what we want, we never want what w receive. We never , we like what we like ,what we have Still we live,Stillwell love, Steel we hope. Gud Nite

 25. Send a pills of happy thoughts to make happy dreams, pray for a blanket of care and always to protect forever to bless u in life. Gd Nght!

26. Somewhere out of the yellow moonlight, Someone is thinking of u tonite, Somewhere out of where the dreams come true Good Nite and sweet dreams 2 u ...

27. One day is ending again like everyone else like u like it, it looks so good,. u thank u my love and all the angels can protect u this nigt..

28. Welcome to the "Sweet Dreams" rider on the airline, All travelers on the bed, please embrace ur pillows Flight will soon depart for dreamland Hope u enjoy ur flight Happy dreams sand god nite.

29. My day will certainly not end bcoz I have something left. I can't say that I love you. Gud Nite and sweet dreams...

30. Stars light stars asre shiny u are the only star that we see tonite. I wish I want, I would like to protect your dreams tonight. Good Night and sleep well,

31. Iwas watching the windows about the person I care about  most and what come into my mind was that u. G.D.N and sweet dreams my dear...

32. "I do not have time to hate people who hate me. Bcoz , I am very busy people who love me!. Someone like u . Good Night.

33. If you feel a bit bored, a little sick , a little sad, all lost, Do you know what is wrong? U are suffering from vitamin ME deficiency Love u and Good Nght.

34. Touch ur heart: close your eyes, make one wish and Gud Nite..

35. I have gone to cheer up, I've gone crazy bed, And sometimes I went to the sad be,d But when I sleep on thinking about, U then when u know that I am happy.

36. To lighten ur night and to sweeten your dreams here u have to send some stars.

37. The night can be dark, the moon cannot grow shining the stars can be hidden, But do no worry, I'm here to keep u tight and have a sweet dream and a good night.

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