Friday, 21 April 2017

Good Night Love Quotes For Dear Friends

Today everyone wants to send some meet on facebook write you short "Fb". And whatsapp, sends some sweet tweets and shares some of the sweetest pins on Pinterest. Here we are giving you a list of 2017 : Top Love Quotes For Boyfriend. Love is a great feeling in this world, for your heart beating your heart, you should send these bad Love Quotes For Good Night Friends your lover ,Girlfriend ,etc cute quotes. He wants you at night and you can tell him with a good night quotes. How much you are missing him and u without feeling so lonely. So you can send your messages or greetings with virtual throats and kisses under the night sky and beautiful bright stars. You embrace and kiss will give her a sweet sleep and beautiful dreams.Below is a list of 30+ Love Quotes For Dear Friends.

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Good Night Love Quotes For Dear Friends 

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Good Night Loves Quotes For Friends :

You are every thing to me.
U're everything to me. I
love you. Good Night me prince.

You are the reason that
my day was terrible thank u for being there,
Now I can sleep with a beautiful smile Good Night
My Sweetheart frnd.

You are the light that ,
Shines my world u are
always in my heart ,Whenever I think of u i
love u very much
Gud Nyt My Dear Friends.

Every night, I fall asleep with a beautiful smile on my face ,
Bcoz I know that i will wake up falling in love
with u the next day.
Good Night my preety friend.

My lovely grows for u every passing day. Spending with u every
Day is the best day of my life. For tomorrow I can't wait to love u more
Good night my dear.

Every Time, I think about u Miss u a lot,
I do not ahve words to express how I feel
about u. I hope u will remember me also
Good Night Dear,

Your dreams makes me smile. It is the best thing to be ur love.
 I wil always love you. Good Night my dear love.

It does not matter how far u are from me u are always in my heart,
I love u .Good Night my dear friend.

I want to make that boy .
a sweet good night that shines my days and spends his life on a rose,
Good Night Dear.

I want my night to start with u after saying the word " I love u".G.D Dear.

In this world u r sweet to me, never go aways from me.
It is impossible to live without love. Gud Nigth Love.

Every Nyt before I sleep, I think about u.
U r the only man of my dreams, I want u to be in my ,
Dreams, I want u to be in my lovely Boyfriend.

You have all the reasons for ur happy life,
U always shine in my life, like the stars in the sky,
my auspicious night.

My heart just beats for u. The best thing u have done with me is good night my love.

Thinging that u will be in my dream,
When I Sleep, then enough to make a
beautiful smile on my face,
Gud Nite my friend.

Urs love took me out of a dark corner of my life,
I want to be in my lfie forever,
I love u with my heart G.D Nite Dear.

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When ever I think of my love for you,
I see that all my dreams r coming true.
Good Night my frd.

You are my sky and I am cloud ,
U r my moon and I am light from it,
without u I am nothing.
Gud Nyt My lover.

U are the moon which shines my dreams,
I think God because he has sent u in my life,
U are my whole world .I love
Gud Night my dear love best wishes for ,
Good morning lover.

From the very first moment I wake up in the morning,
I keep my head, every thime I think about u. U love my dreams night my Dear friend

Love to u is like breathing. I cannot stop it,
I love u so much, Good night my dear.

Best wishes to auspicious night not only on a good night,
but also quietly says that before,
 I  go to bed, I always remember u.
Gud Nite my beautiful dear .

U make ur day special and now remeber my night to come in my sweet dreams.
Gud Night my sweety.

Tonight, I am going with a preety smile on my face .
Bcoz, I know that ,I will dream about u,
I love u ,Gud Nyt My love..

Without u I am nothing when we are separated,
I feel incomplete I cann  wait for the morning Good
Night My Dear..!

It is a difficult to say gud Nite to me bcoz,
u are not with me, I Miss u a lot ,
I can't sleep without u. Good Night my love @@

I thinku God for see,
my adorable face nd giv my eyes to love the best ,
person my life. A love good night my handsome friend.

It does not matter how
far we r from each other,
My heart will never go away ,
from urs love,
I love my dear friendssss.

I think u for every smile,
that u put on my face.
My life is complete with u.
I love u dear.

You r my main pleasure if every ,
I had wonderful moments in my life, then they al coame thought u. I love u,
Gud Nite My dear friends..

I love to give u my best life. U have changed my nightmare ,
with sweet dreams. U are the best thing that every happened to me,
I lve u. Gd Nt dear!!!

Urs kiss give me a news meaning for life,
My honey is enoug to make my night sweet . Gud Nyt my sweetheart ..

On this cold night I was searching,
for something to warm, So i thougth u love my dream ,
Good Night my lovely dear friend .

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