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50+ Romantic Love Valentine Day Messages For Girlfriend

This day, celebrated on February 14, is celebrated in various countries differently and with different faiths. In the Western world, the sunshine on this day is only on your face, but in eastern countries it has its own style to celebrate this day.On this day the boy sends Valentine Messages For Girlfriend and the girl is very happy .While this day in China is particularly special for the hearts of the 'Nights Of Sevens' love, this festival is known as 'White Day' in Japan and Korea. Not only that, in these countries, people express their love for a whole month from this day and express their feelings by giving gifts and flowers to each other.

People have different plans for Valentine's Day. For those who love, Valentine Day is in such a way that every boyfriend is added to wait.When the boy sends the Message Of Valentine Day For Girlfriend to his girlfriends, and the girl also responds to the message that she loves him or not. Why do not you wait, but do you know this Q is celebrated. What is the reason for this? If you do not know then you should read the post carefully. You may find the answer. In this post, we will tell you about Valentine's Day. When Saint Claudius came to know about this, he got the execution of Saint Valentine on February 14, 269. Since then, Pram Das is celebrated in his memory. It is said that Saint Valentine gifted Jacob's visually impaired daughter to the prisoner at the time of his death and wrote a letter to Jacobs, in which he had written 'Your Valentine'.

It is believed that Valentine's Day is originally named after 'Saint Valentine'. In ancient Rome, there used to be a king named Claudius. He believed that getting married to a man reduces the capacity and ability of the person. With this cynical view, he has put a complete ban on the marriage of his servant Shahi in his entire state, but Sanit Valentine opposed it and married people in the state.

Happy Diwali Messages :

Greetings Messages For * Happy Diwali *

Just look at your actions
We complained, if we did it.
Happy valentine

People say that we love
He is a piece of moon,
But what do they know what i love
The moon is a piece of it.

You will get relief every time in the road of love.
My moody friend,
Then open the medical store on this road
Low gone: -Love My sweetheart

12 o'clock tonight
Valentine's day

Flower us
have to give

That line
May seem

No one else
Push to
Do not give

Which today
Stay away
That tomorrow
Come on

Good Night Messages

Love : Good Night 35 Messages For Friends

I have decorated your name on lips
I have settled your heart in my heart
The world will find you looking for you
I hid in such a corner of the heart.

I do not know how to tell it
To make it true
I like it
I love you completely
Stay my life
❤Happy Valentine's Day

Life is beautiful from your coming, you are living in your heart, do not go away, forgetting us sometimes, we  need you at every step.

The heart will cry to me as well as the face will be washed with tears, if not done anything we have lost some  love in love.

Every half of your love seems like a separation of a moment, it seems like a sadhya. I did not think before, now  I started thinking ,Do you need all the moments of life? Will you make my Valentine's Day Happy Valentinady

The heart stops only for them, stops and stares. Someone has done it so much that the heart is mine, the heart  is mine but beats for them.

Love is not the love of laughs when you remember in the sages, God will give you every happiness because  every joy comes after you

Do not waddle if you can not do it or you can not find a friend is so much in the world but keep a pitch  without which you can not smile.

In my prayers, you have not forgotten me in all the ways of my life. Now, in these winds you drink, you smell  your breath and go through your life.

It is not necessary that love is just a thing, if you were close to realization, then what will happen if you are  away from the news

It happens in the morning when it comes to your name, it goes away from your work. Then it comes back to  you.

If you do not remember what your heart wants to do, then what will your heart do to meet you in dreams? But  do not sleep, what should we do?

Never laughs, this love never stops. This love reminds me of every moment. Whether it's love or not, but the  favors you have made, these love

I thought, love you, then think about it, then you thought, why do not you wait, then think that why do not  do one thing then you have a lovely message to name you

No, I do not want to lose you. I want to cry in your memory as long as I live with you.

We told them that Valentines Day is coming.
What they want, and they hold our hand.

The Heart Who Lives Life
Today I will take care of them,
For centuries of tension,
I will admit to my love

Cute [Best] : Good Night Messages For Wife

Good Night Love Quotes For Dear Friends

Once you tell me smiling love is yours,
Once, tell us that we are waiting for you,
You will fill your life with us,
Let's say that this is what you want to do.

Lips do not fall in love with love,
Sahil Pe does not come with pearls of ocean,
Lelo is still the love of love in life,
Then come back like crazy like us!

On this valentine day
Wife asked
what do you like
And we look at them

All the faces of this world
Will mislead you ..
You just stay in my heart,
No one here comes ..

Today .. Just sit in front of me,
Let me give it to you .. !!
We will do the things ourselves

Do not wait for Valentine Week
Nor is Valentine Day's,
I'm waiting for our wedding day
The day you meet your feet
I will step into my house with a blanket drop.

You showed me how it is
Now I know what love really is,
One day we will always be together,
I can not wait to catch up again in my arms.
happy ValentineDay

I care for you in my ways
Perhaps you will never know,
Maybe I'll never show up
Happy Valentine's Day

Your first meeting was to bring one out of life.
I saw your picture in every mirror,
People say sleep is in love,
We made the world of love in sleep

When your eyes
When he got up, he became addiction
We know that when this friend comes to you
This place will become a place

There is something like you
If you have not given heart you will lose it.

Valentines did valentine;
Craving the day of valentine;
The day of this love came and went;
We keep on hand like every year

Have gone away for a few moments,
But for every moment,
Who will forget you for a moment,
When is love for a lifetime

For your long years,
Now I have just become mine.

We got the wait for some time
We got sweet man from the feet
No one else after you
We got that love from your Love
Happy Valentines Day from my heart
I love you my love

Thanks for the memories of tomorrow,
For today's happiness,
And all Tomorrow's promise
I'm happy to love you Valentine's Day

I see a glimpse which I have found today
Repeated reason for living today

You are near me
Made me realize how much
This means that you are on my side,
I love more than anything in the world
happy Valentines Day..

We do not need any alpha
Love is just a thing
You would have passed something else.
But the news from far away is your every beat

There was a lot of trouble in these eyes,
Joe secretly insinuated,
We wanted to stay silent
But unfaithful this tongue sings
Hpy vlntdy

I lost my heart
When you thought for a moment,
sweethear what will happen
When you meet me for a lifetime

How do I change my self,
I have become a habit of thinking about you

What you do not refuse
Have love for you in that heart
A tigress without a rose
I do not have any of those gardens
Hpy vlntdy

Every time we blame us,
Have you ever asked yourself if you are so lucky

God wants you to be happy,
In your prayers, you laugh,
What do you think,
Let's ask you for a long life.

How strange is the journey of your life,
Where all the pain came out,
The name of which has made every life of your life,
Sorry to be unaware of our desire

On your lips just smiles,
Something like this today,
Do not let me ever love less
So much love you

If you did not meet you then there was no love ....
You see, you're in the bottom.

How beautiful you are from your coming,
It is in your heart that it is your own nature,
Do not go away from us even by forgetting,
We need you at every step.

The happiness of my life is due to you,
The smile on my lips is from you,
See my heart's heart beat
The beats that just happen to be yours.

It sounds like your name is with my name ...
Like a beautiful morning in the morning, with a pleasant evening ...

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Romantic *Love* Good Morning Messages

*50+* Good Morning Wishes : Girlfriend / Boyfriend

When it comes to silent eyes
Such love begins
Are lost in your thoughts
Do not know when the day is night
Valentine dy dear

You are the identity of my love,
You are the command of my life,
How are you doing this heart
I know you are my soul.

To say, we have a lot of people, our people,
But when those people call us "you"
God inspires happiness around the world

The fragrance of your memory is wrapped with my necklace,
Looks like a little better than you think.

Had heard that the heart is deeper than the sea ...
I am amazed, no one in this

I am lost in your swords and eyes
Just want to live life like this

The way you want to come,
I love all around, My love

Merry Christmas Quotes *50+ * Friends And Family

Nothing special
There is so much love,
The last night of the night
The first thought of every morning is you

After that, we do not love
Does anyone ... ..!
What is the age of a few who try to fray
went …

I want more people too ..
But love is only with my love

I am also very concerned about your presence.
The existence of the world and way of the world is very weak--

Heart touches,
One and you talk about yours

Take your hand and take you away from this world,
Where there is no one else besides me.

Birthday Wishes For Sister ,Quotes ,Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends ,Quotes ,Messages

"Best 2017" Happy Birthday Wishes Messages For Brother

Good Morning Messages :

Good Morning 60+ Quotes For Friend : Message For Friends

*50+* Good Morning Wishes : Girlfriend / Boyfriend

So friends, I have written a post Romantic Messages Girlfriends On Valentine Day and I hope you have read this post and will share more on Facebook and Google Plus and Do not forgetting to like this post and I will write a good post for you in the future.

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Romantic *Love* Good Morning Messages

Good Morning Messages

First of all, I wish you all the best "" fans. The best good wishes of the morning is not just to say Suprabhatam, but it can really give a big start for one day. Every person for ex. boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband ,Wife, surprise the Good Morning Cute Messages .Friends ,who fall in true love once in life; There is no necessary love with any person, but as big dream, something different with any good idea or an ambition! and then watch again this will be a reason for you to wake3 up with a smile.

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*50+* Good Morning Wishes : Girlfriend / boyfriend

Auspicious Good Morning Wishes for girlfriend : Every girl secretly dreams of being a lover who sends her sweet texts, while she is still roaming around on the bed. You can be a man of your dreams, if you love cute desires and Send Morning Wishes Messages about love, when your man has made many efforts to express his love for you, then why can not you? good! Here, I will help you, wish all the best for the lover. I hope !That you want to smile on your face when he is just walking in bed.You do not have an idea how he raises the responsibility of becoming a son, Dad and Job, and yet his character, salary and our so called society They are being judged on many factors as decided by them. Like you, your man needs a lot love and pampering with you. He will never complain to you, give him a gift, do not congratulate him, though he really wants to pamper, embrace and love. In my opinion, you should kick off your day with the best of your good wishes.

Good Night Messages

Good Night Love Messages Girlfriend

Quotes For Good Night 

Good Morning Wishes For Girlfriend

1) "Every night I dream of waking up in my arms
                  Congratulate a lovely day to my beautiful man "???

2) "I love you, who has made a wonderful day for me
                I just wish your heart beats "morning" ???

3) "I was dreaming to lie with a beautiful man
             And when I got up, it was a reality. Good morning sweat heart "???

4) "Sending a good morning text does not mean that I hope you
           To read me back with love lesson, I just want to let you know
                    You are the first thoughts that come to my mind. Good morning sweating heart "???"

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Good Night Love Quotes Friend

5) "Girls are walking around their house
             To see the most awesome man who has just woken up
                         Good morning hottie "???

6) "The best moments of my life are those days, hours, seconds
               That I spent with you.Now the time is to start a new lovable day
                             Good morning sweating heart "???

7) "The beauty of the sun is like your love for me
             Because it illuminates my day
                    Good morning dear "???

8) "I have a lot of hugs and kisses in your coffee." A great day my man "???
      Good Morning My love

9) "My mother wants to wear some warm clothes
               But I just deny because you are out there
                     To embrace me like a bear, "???"

10) "The only part of my day is early in the morning
                 Because this is the time when your hip and cute fabrication is required "???"

11) "You have a lot of hatred inside my pillow
                         Because it can be replaced by your shoulder on any given day "???

12) "I do not love you because you are attractive and warm
                  Because you make every moment of your life meaningful "???"

13) "My experience has originated from your hub
               Heart beat by your kiss Good morning "???"

14) "Every morning you remind yourself to do some work
                  I was completely forgotten.
                    It is a laugh and a smile "???"

Cute [Best] : Good Night Messages For Wife 

Most (Best) Good Night Sms And Shayari

15) "Without seeing the most beautiful man in the world
                      My morning coffee sucks
                             Good morning beautiful "???

16) You are the reason that I will be happy whenever I am sad and smile, even when I cry Shubha Prabhat

17) You are pulse that are thrown in my nerves, you are the opponent who frees me from all the pain. You are the target of my heart beating, without my life will be incomplete good morning

18) There is only one solution for cooling morning - hot cuddly hugs with you. good morning.

19) Beautiful morning dew and beautiful morning hai are the symbol of my love for you. good morning.

20) I do not care whether the sun rises or not, it starts in the morning itself when I say that I love you very much. Good morning.

21) Despite the ups and downs of life, you are sunny who wipes my Sweetheart

22) Today I promise to live without Facebook and Twitter, if you kiss me all day and promise me better feel good morning.

23) Since I spent the night dreaming about you, I want to annoy you with the day. good morning.

Good Night : "Top 2017 Good Night Sms ,Shayari

Top10+ Good Night Messages For Cute (Sweet) Mother

24) The rising sun reminds me of your bright face and the misty dew reminds me of the eyes of your dreams. The sound of the bustling city reminds me of your soft whispers and the cold breeze reminds me of your tautening kiss. good morning.

25) If every person came to know that every person is represented in the morning, then you are the sun and the rest are all disappearing stars, soon you will disappear from your ignited love. good morning.

26) Thinking about you in the morning takes just a second, but a smile on my face keeps moving throughout the day. good morning.

27) I hate being awake because it took me away from all my dreams last night. good morning.

28) I am tired of dreaming about you every night, I want you on my side, so that I can see you with beautiful eyesight. I'm sick of waking up every morning and writing you lessons, now I want to walk with you in my morning. I miss you, good morning

29) Happiness, trouble, success, disappointment or failure - I do not know what the store is for the day, but I know that until you are in my arms, the good morning.

30) Every day I wake up and forget all the reasons which makes me sad because I need a reason to please me - you are auspicious.

31) My past will never bother me, as long as you have sweetie auspicious morning.

32) I do not know how long we will be together because it is not important. What I know and what I really mean, that is, we will never be different. good morning.

33) The cold morning breeze reminds me - I feel a tingling sensation on my skin, which brings happiness from within. Good morning.

34) Every night I dream about what will happen to embrace you during the day and I imagine it every day that I have to dream about you in the night. good morning.

35) In the morning or afternoon, evening or night, I always love you with all your powers of good morning.

Just like you start the day. It may look a bit crispy and odd but it does not really make much effort, just think about your relationship and tap into your heart to say something with it. Want to add it to text, Facebook, Twitter or any other way? A soft greeting and a beautiful Hello everyone will take many to get you hugs and kisses if you beat his heart then follow him.

We will continue to have some more Romantic Good morning Wishes for them, but before that I would like to share some ideas of some authors about wishing to auspicious morning or auspicious night.Well! There is always a reason behind every human action. Good night, good luck or a good night is an easy way to end any conversation. For some time you are stuck in a strange situation when you have nothing to say, In such situations, it helps you a lot, if the receiver is really waiting for your wishes then it will increase the receiver with all the new confidence and happy life. For some time it is suggested to send some good text of a few peak which makes it a memorable moment which he can not forget. Every boys thinks as soon as it is in the morning, She sent a Good Morning Wishes For Boyfriend message to her girlfriend.

Good Morning Wishes For boyfriend

16) "My life is already full of the warmth of your love
                  I do not need sun rays. Good morning "???"

17) "Sometimes I have a complaint about the sun,
             Because it rises very quickly. I have more dreams to look at.
                          Good morning my beautiful man "???

18) "I am fortunate of all the girls who think of a charming and handsome man like you.
                 Because I live my dream everyday Good morning "???"

Merry Christmas Wishes Friends 

Merry Christmas Quotes : Romantic 

19) "God has crammed the evidence of true love, my love! My King! My life, it is you." ???

20) "You bow down after seeing my past,
                 You are the reason that I am eager for a better future
                               Good morning sweating heart "???

21) "People like tea or coffee in the morning, what do I like to walk around me
                       Good morning my love "???]

22) I do not know whether it is more romantic - soon you thought of meeting or I had thought about myself about you last night. good morning.

23) I dream about myself, while walking around the bed, who remembers all the romantic things you have told. I think about you, with every breath ... Baby you are cutting pieces on my life's cake. Good morning.

24) A comfortable photo file with you is the perfect way to feed the morning colors. Xoxo

25) You have altered my bad dreams with dreams, my happiness with happiness and my fear with love. good morning.

26) If there is a coffee or tea then it does not make any difference to me. I will feel the same ... until I know that you are thinking about me, Shubrabhat.

27) The heat of every ray of sunlight reminds me that we just meant it. good morning.

28) I get fed up in your summer, your affection makes everything right. Your company puts me on cloud nine, your presence clears everything, your eyes show me, your heartbeats guide me night and day, auspicious Morning.

29) Morning is the lone part of the day because when you need me most to give the hugs and cute cuddles the most I miss you, good morning

30) My pillow hates you because it knows that I will trade it for my shoulder to any day. good morning.

31) Good morning ... The man who thugs on my day sweet and kissing makes my life bright.

You like the aforementioned good Romantic Wishes Morning for the written mornings wishes messages for girlfriend/boyfriend and we will keep you updated about the wishes for you. Always  we would like to suggest that you spend more time with them. As anything can not be happy for you A lovely morning!

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Merry Christmas Quotes *50+ * Friends And Family

Christmas is not a special season but Christmas is a Christian festival. Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, was born on 25 December. Therefore it is celebrated in the form of 'Christmas Day' in the day .This year's time comes when friends and family think about the past in Christ and plan for the holidays in the mind of their loved ones. As we reflect on this wonderful holiday, we should keep in mind that Christmas is not just a holiday but it can be the most important part of the year for some people. It's time to remember,One time is to share the good of our hearts with others, and to express it with words and gifts, to someone who means you have a chance to fulfill these desires and give something to your heart. This is an opportunity to deliver a message that will express love and take care of those whom we care most about. As you write your message, Take the time to create a  50+ Merry Christmas Quotes for everyone on your list. Keeping these thoughts in mind, I want to tell you that I want good luck for this holiday. Here are the best wishes and greetings of Christmas, which you can adapt to your goals to motivate you to make your own.

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* Happy Diwali * 30+ Quotes Messages* 

Birthday Wishes For Sister ,Quotes ,Messages 

Love : Good Night 35 Messages For Friends 



Christmas quotes

It would be a pleasure to turn this Christmas into your life,
I want you to have a smiling face,
I want you to do this year's best,
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Dumbledore said, "There can not be any socks, another Christmas came and went and I did not add a pair of socks. People insist on giving me books.

There is a state of mind for happiness with Christmas friends, family and other loved ones. There is no time for Christmas and there is no weather, this is just one reason to share happiness.

Greens do not come from a shop, we celebrate the arrival of the Christmas season. Christmas greetings.

Just waiting for those beautiful prayers and every year we pray and only hope that we sing on Christmas every year.

On Christmas day, the heat of light and decoration is why I am doing Christmas day. Not only the present thing is why I love Christmas.

I think I write a Christmas card, feel like a white Christmas, can be just like my feelings, your day is bright and bright and there is also a white Christmas!!

Forgive the enemy,
Bear every opponent,
Give heart to friends,
Serve every customer,
To be cheerful for everyone,
Give each child an example,
Respect yourself on this Christmas Day
"Merry Christmas to you all"
Happy Mery chrstms

May all the lovely moments you wish to cheer on this Christmas conspiracy Christmas for you and your loved ones!

No matter what you face next time, you will keep moving forward without worrying about anything.

"Busy day twenty-two thousand people,
Come to visit Santa, and I was told that,
It is very happy for an Elf in the face of pain,
And disaster,
I kept it in mind. "

The right time to celebrate the love of God and parents is Christmas which will be forever in life forever. Jesus is the gift that can not only get us from God but also share it with others on Christmas.

On Christmas Day we all have a lot of fun and the real sense of Christmas.

Happy, happy Christmas, which can win back the delusion of our childhood days, the old man can remember the joy of his youth, and the traveler can be taken back to his own firefight and cool house!

You have to match your package in the initial times so that the post office will lose them in Christmas time.

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Most (Best) Good Night Sms And Shayari 

Cute [Best] : Good Night Messages For Wife 

Best Christmas Quotes

The earth is old and loses its expulsion from the burden of its care, but it always remains young with the light on Christmas because its jewels and soul are completely filled with music, when the angels' song is sung.

The best time to remember the principles taught by Jesus is now it is Christmas today and we should love the Lord, with God and our parents and all those dear ones with all our hearts.

I love the evrything that runs with Christmas like the spirit of children like Christmas excitement and innocence!!

The message of Christmas is that - Let the past not steal your present: we are never alone.

The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it does not matter what you are in or what kind of year you have done - this is the fresh feeling of the new beginning of the year.

The thing about Christmas is that it does not matter what you mean or what age you were in - this is a new beginning.

Order to celebrate the birth of Christ is celebrated on December 25 every year as Christmas Day. Here we are going to provide you  Merry Christmas Quotes, which you can share with your family, friends and other loved ones. On the day, Christians prepare themselves with a gay emotion in colorful manner. They wish their friends and relatives to 'Merry Christmas'.
To exchange greetings, they go to each other's home. The main thing of this day is that people generally do or should do something good for others, with Christmas trees on this occasion, Christians decorate their houses, which are small light bulbs and tides Bright paper is the evergreen (artificial) tree with small pieces of decorations such as stars, halls, which connect the mood of a particular festival. Opportunity to enjoy this special day on December 25 when the weather begins to cool down.

Lovely Merry Christmas Quotes

Dear brothers and sisters, the love of Christus spirit is our homes and lives which stay there for a long time and can fill the light for another year.

In the morning and at the end of the school, there is the time of the most joyful time to take place on Christmas Christmas.

This is not an external event at all, but
One piece of one's house that lives in someone's heart is Christmas Day!!

Time, sure to be at home - in the heart as well as the body is a special day of Christmas!

I will respect Christmas in my heart and soul and try to keep it every year.

Christmas is the reason or way to think about others because of our souls rather than ourselves. It strengthens our bond of love with others...

When you leave yourself behind, then when you feel the true feeling of Christmas, giving to others and serving others, and this happens when you feel completely@
Hapy Christmas dear friends..

Christmas is the eve of our special family and we generally decorate and give our home after Thanksgiving. We spend a set of times with grandparents and other grandparents and our second friends with friends and friends.

The special day I have ever liked is Christmas and she did not really go to me since childhood. I'm uninterrupted in my love for Christmas

I like everything about curtains and decorations and Christmas in the mall on Christmas. I do not think anything special, except me Christmas, goes to the mall.

Christmas is the eve of giving to others. It was a time when people are kind and open-hearted.

Good Night Love Quotes For Dear Friends 

Unique Merry Christmas Quotes

When I was 15, then for Christmas, I wanted to have four wheels, but now I have finished all the attendance for Christmas and started giving such types of gifts to me in my childhood.

The most auspicious churn of the year is November in many countries. Rice crop is already there, the weather started getting cold and Christmas lights started to illuminate the landscape.

Why do not I feel about our cats world and how I played with my children and how to get used to Christmas time and hear the smell of pine needles and laugh at my children.

Christmas gives us the reason to stop ourselves and see the important things around us and provide us with a time when we can see the year back and prepare for the coming year.

I like to spend my holidays with my family and friends and most favorite holiday will be that my mother makes every play writing.

We have to know that sharing our time and ourselves is very important when we are giving gifts to others in Christmas.

I want to present ourselves to Cromitus every year, it is possible that I can travel so far from Shell thread to Hong and Paris.

They prepare Christmas pudding rich deep plum cake which are eating at Christmas, Christians throughout the world celebrate Christmas festival with enthusiasm. The Best Christmas Quotes are available on this page, which you should read once so that you can understand the real meaning of the day. This is also a great day for children, who sing Carroll, A christmas hymn in the chorus in memory is that the birth of Christ, they are eagerly looking for Santa Claus or Father Christmas, which appears to deliver attractive gifts to children during the day. In red and white, we wear Santa Claus clothes, wear white and long false beard, and take a bag full of gifts for children.

Best 30+ Good Night Messages 

"Best 2017" Happy Birthday Wishes Messages For Brother 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends ,Quotes ,Messages 

Good Night : "Top 2017 Good Night Sms ,Shayari 

Stores, hotels, churches, schools, colleges-all are decorated with different types of colorful paper flowers or other designs, balloons and lamps on Christmas day. The festival has now been enjoyed one day and is celebrated not by other communities as a religious belief but as a festival opportunity. People enjoy and enjoy the holiday with their loved ones on this day. That's why it has become a special day not only for Christians but for all religions. The Best Christmas Wishes that you will send to your friends, girlfriend, lover or other loved ones are available on this page.

It's a big part of my life that every year I will get a new camera, because I grew up as a photo nut.

Christmas is a time for old memories, but it is also a time to make new memories. Enjoy the fellowship of new friends, and enjoy the family company in this season of love and sharing. Christmas greetings!

Laughter and good news is the perfect season for Christmas to reach others when it's in the air. It is expected that your Christmas will be shared between family and friends, sharing the spirit of the weather.

Happiness - Your life can be full of happiness and happiness and every new day will bring you to fill the moment.

Love- On this happy day, and throughout the new year, your life can be full of love!

Peace - With this new year you can bring peace and tranquility, and as you walk on your path, it can bring satisfaction for you.

Prosperity - on this happy day, and throughout the coming year, your life can be filled with good fortune and prosperity.

The joy of giving - be filled with the joy of giving to your heart, because it is the expression of love in your heart and mercy in your soul.

Blessings - The light of love can shine on you, and in this Christmas season your life can be full of blessings.

Mercy - On this blessed day, I want you to love all your kindness, and I hope the New Year will bring you many days of happiness.

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